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123 TPV Hostelería is software designed and optimized to work with any hospitality business, like bars, cafes or restaurants, and to accelerate and facilitate management.

This tool permits, among other things, administration to your suppliers, products, clients, and employees, and at the same time, functions as a cash register and stock tracker. In addition, you can change the interface's language, receipts, the number of decimals reported and the types of taxes included.

123 TPV Hostelería puts you in control of your daily sales and will keep you up to date on all that you have in the warehouse. It will also show you graphics and statistics, and will allow you to archive products like internal and external consumption.

The application is also capable of creating menus with different types of food and drink, reducing the price of the products individually if you want it to and charging the bill more quickly.

123 TPV Hostelería's cash register is very visual and it allows you to work in bar or lounge cash register form or in quick cash register form. It also gives you the option to use bar codes or your own codes.
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